Yasol software

(Ulf Lorenz, Jan. 2017)

Yasol is a search based solver for so called 'Quantified mixed integer linear programs with minimax objective‘ (Q-MIP). The aim is to support optimization under uncertainty in a new way, based upon rigorous formal models of quantification and linear constraints.
While the solver is new in the sense that there are no other Q-MIP solver at this time - Jan. 2017, most basic ingredients of Yasol are not new at all. The heart of the search algorithm is an arithmetic linear constraint database together with the Alphabeta-algorithm which has been successfully used in gaming programs like in chess programs since many years. In order to realize fast back-jumps as typically performed in SAT- and QBF- solvers, we have extended the Alphabeta-algorithm as roughly described in [7]. Yasol deals with constraint learning on the so called primal side as known from SAT- and QBF- solving, as well as with constraint learning on the so called dual side, as is known from Mathematical Programming. The most inspiring sources from our point of view are:

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Special thanks go to Alexander Martin for many fruitful discussions and bringing the field of integer programming to my interest.


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