Getting started on Windows

Since Yasol has no own built-in LP solver you either need to install IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio or the COIN-OR Optimization Suite in order to use our solver. For download- and license information of these extern tools, we refer to the corresponding webpages of CPLEX® and COIN-OR.

In order to execute our batch file that builds the project your systems must be able to run makefiles. One possible way of doing so is to use the Developer Command Prompt, which is accessible if you are using Microsoft Visual Studio.

In order to use Yasol on Windows you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the current Yasol version ( from 2020; the latest version from 2023 is currently only available for Mac and linux) and unpack it (Download).
  2. Open the x64 Developer Command Prompt.
  3. Change your directory to the Yasol main folder.
  4. Provide the location of your compiler by setting the variable CC. We recommend clang++. This might look like
    • set CC="C:/Program Files/LLVM/bin/clang++"
  5. Provide your folder containing COIN OR (CPLEX) by setting the variable YASOL_CLP_PATH (YASOL_CPLEX_PATH). This might look like
    • set YASOL_CPLEX_PATH="C:/Program Files/IBM/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio1261/cplex"
    • set YASOL_CLP_PATH="C:/Program Files/Cbc-2.9.0"
  6. Execute the batch file build_clp (build_cplex) which you should find in the main folder. This will build the executable Yasol_CLP (Yasol_CPLEX) in the subdirectory /bin. If you want to build both you can run 'build_all'.
  7. In order to solve a .qlp instance execute YASOL_CLP (YASOL_CPLEX) with the qlp file you want to solve as input parameters, for example:
    • Yasol_CLP ../../../Data/p2756.qlp


For Windows users we also provide an executableversion which uses Coin Or.

Older versions

Yasol_O-1.3.3(2017). Windows Sources: Download Windows Executable: Download


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